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Manager, School transformation

What we do

Madhi works closely with the Tamil Nadu School Education Department to conceptualise and implement large scale quality improvement programmes in Tamil Nadu’s government schools. Over the course of the next 5 years Madhi will strengthen its existing programmes in the state (as well as undertake new programmes) with the singular aim of ensuring transformative improvement in the quality of school education in Tamil Nadu. Madhi’s programmes in Tamil Nadu are consolidated under a single umbrella called Project: TN Soars, comprising 3 critical projects: 1. Ennum Ezhuthum (The Tamil Nadu state Foundational Learning Mission), 2. TechForEdSystems and 3. Tamil Nadu STEAM Model Schools.

Ennum Ezhuthum: We are currently also working as the ‘Chief Management Partner’ for Tamil Nadu’s official Foundational Learning Mission, The ‘Ennum Ezhuthum Mission’ – a Rs. 500 Cr Mission of national and regional importance aimed at universalising foundational learning for all children in Tamil Nadu’s 37,000 government schools.

Project MALA: Project MALA aims to create high-tech, low-tech and no-tech tools which can support child-educators (parents, teachers, volunteers) to build the neuro-linguistic exposure that children require to acquire language proficiency through oracy. Children in rural areas or from low income households have minimal exposure to the English language- particularly oracy. They find the existing english language learning tools inadequate to build fluency in spoken English and also have difficulty in reading to learn from English sources. Project MALA aims to leverage technology and contextually built learning resources to solve this problem.

Tamil Nadu STEAM Model Schools: To ensure holistic growth of children from underserved communities and to empower them with the skills to work toward their dreams, the Department of School Education has embarked on an ambitious project of setting up ‘Tamil Nadu Model Schools’ that will serve children from the most marginalized backgrounds and equip them with skills and knowledge such that their disadvantages get mitigated and no longer impede their success in academics, work and life. Madhi has joined the Department to assist in the setting up of these 38 Model Schools, each exemplifying the principles of equity and inclusion in letter and spirit, enabling every student, irrespective of their background, to receive equal opportunities to aspire and achieve their goals.

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Your team

The Sandbox Schools Team’s primary objective is to improve the teaching-learning and administrative processes of a school towards strengthening foundational learning. The team shall ensure that all existing primary school programmes implemented by the department seamlessly blend into micro-innovations at the classroom-level.

About the role

The Manager, School transformation- Sandbox school, will support the Sr. Manager and be responsible for bringing the programmatic vision for sandbox school alive by constantly aligning the team’s activities in-line with the short, medium and long term project goals..

The job description:

Below is an indicative set of responsibilities you will be required to lead as part of your role. We believe that a job description is best created collaboratively where the individual joining the team and the senior leadership team together define the role in greater detail so it reflects your aspirations and ambitions as much as it does the organisation’s needs. A detailed description will be jointly created once the selection process has been completed and you have accepted our offer of employment.

In this role some of your responsibilities will include:

    Project Management

  • Design and adhere to effective project management and tracking systems
  • Facilitate collective spaces for the team to refine and iterate project activities to strengthen the overall programme
  • Establish periodic communication with other project teams at Madhi (Ennum Ezhuthum, MALA and Tech for Ed Systems) to enable concerted efforts towards the creation of thriving learning spaces for primary school students
  • Stakeholder Capacity building

  • Design robust rubrics for strengthening feedback-loop mechanisms to improve teaching-learning
  • Create training and observation framework to facilitate need-based sessions for teachers and HMs and conducting effective classroom observations
  • Impact Measurement

  • Anchor the creation of baseline and endline assessments and plan its delivery across schools
  • Track and communicate the outcome data of the programme
  • Contribute to overall organisational learning by documenting nuanced project insights through evidence-based micro-pilots
  • Community Engagement

  • Create structures for School Management Committee (SMC) meetings and Parent-Teacher Meetings (PTM) with core focus area being foundational learning
  • Plan and design community awareness initiatives towards strengthening awareness around foundational literacy and numeracy
  • Team Management

  • Manage a highly motivated team of associates and constantly strive to help them grow and realise their potential
  • Ensure diligent compliance to established team management structures
  • Support the learning and development of the team

You will thrive in this role if you:

  • Possess exceptional planning skills & take pride in being organised.
  • Obsess over time management & planning for all tasks regardless of the enormity or urgency.
  • Enjoy meticulous documentation.
  • Have outstanding interpersonal & communication skills.
  • Embrace the diverse set of challenges a new project offers
  • Have remarkable documentation skills with a knack for attention to details

Prerequisites include:

  • At least 3-5 years of relevant work experience in the education sector
  • At least 2 years of managerial experience with a team span of minimum 3-5 members
  • A bachelor’s degree in a relevant field of specialisation
  • Excellent knowledge of MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint; experience of working with g-suite would be an advantage
  • Strong conversational skills in Tamil, also being able to read and write Tamil would be an advantage

This role will report to:

  • SeniorManager, Sandbox Schools


  • Chennai, Tamil Nadu


  • Rs 7,00,000- 10,00,000 Lakhs p.a

Please note:

  • You will be expected to bring your own laptop, with updated software (MS Office 2016)

Link to Application Form:

For more information, please write to: [email protected]