The Foundational Learning Crisis in India

The Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) India 2018 report states that among Std 3 students, 75% cannot read a Std 2 level text while 81% cannot solve questions on subtraction. A student thus left behind, stays behind. Research shows that addressing these learning deficits get only increasingly difficult and any learning gap not addressed by Std 3 becomes nearly impossible to bridge in higher grades. A strong focus on foundational learning is, therefore, less about teaching children the alphabet or numbers, and more about laying the foundation for a nation of independent readers, thinkers and innovators.

About Madhi

Madhi Foundation is a non-profit organisation working in the education sector and aims to reimagine school systems and eliminate the foundational learning crisis in India by 2030. Madhi designs and implements tech-based, scalable, and context-specific programmes, focussed on fulfilling our vision of putting foundational learning first, so every child can thrive. As the Chief Management Partners of the Department of School Education, Tamil Nadu for implementing the State Foundational Literacy and Numeracy (FLN) Mission for the next 5 years, Madhi will be working with the government to undertake reforms in curriculum design, teacher training, data-driven governance, monitoring, etc.

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